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     At CRUST! Café and Pizzeria we pay attention to quality and that starts with the dough. Our dough is made fresh daily and is never used until our aging process is complete. This guarantees a flavorful crisp crust that is the backbone of any great pizza. When you combine our crust with homemade sauce, quality cheeses and house roasted meats and vegetables, you will smell and taste the difference whether you dine-in, take-out, or Take-n-Bake.

     Our versatile dough recipe also allows us to be the first pizzeria in the Burgh to offer “REAL” Take-n-Bake pizza. What is “REAL” Take-n-Bake? We make your pizza the same way we make every pizza, but instead of baking it in our oven we place the RAW dough (not frozen or pre-baked) on special coated parchment paper and shrink wrap it for transport. Take your fresh made to order pizza home, put it in the frig, and when you and your family are ready to eat, don’t call for delivery, just pop it in your pre heated oven and watch the fresh dough brown and crisp up into a perfect pizza right before your eyes in 15 minutes or less. The quality will be just as good as the pizza you would get out of our brick oven.

Guaranteed or your money back!

     The attention to detail doesn’t stop with our pizza. The meats for our sandwiches are all high end salamis, cappacolas, ham mortadella, shaved rib eye, sausage, homemade meatballs and house roasted chickens.


     The bread makes the sandwich and that is why we buy our bread locally from Cibrone & sons Bakery who crated a custom mini Italian loaf just for us.


     Our mission at CRUST! Café and Pizzeria is to give you the freshest product, made with the best ingredients, prepared by people who care.

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